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How to Upgrade Opencart Service From 1.5 to 2.0 Version ?

You might be wondering as to why there is a need to update my website when it is running perfectly fine. But we suggest that even if your website is running absolutely fine there are chances that you may face error like Opencart Error Undefined Log, Internal Server Error of Opencart or it may run  slow and will not have advanced features like the advanced version; an upgrade allows your website to run fine, flawlessly and ensures seamless navigation.  The best part about Opencart upgrade service is that it gives you endless features, plugins, bug fixes, security enhancements and more.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the new version cuts down the need for security vulnerabilities, introduces new features, software malfunctioning etc. which further enhances the end-user experience.

So, how to upgrade Opencart 1.5 to 2.0, here are few simple steps and you are good to go:

Backup OpenCart

The first and the most important step is backing up and you can do it by downloading a copy of your Opencart files from the web server to your computer. This can be done via FTP or hosting control panel. Once it’s done you can export its database via phpMyAdmin or else you can do the following:

OpenCart dashboard >> Tools >> Backup/Restore.

Download the new version

Once you have backed up the data, the next step is to download the new version, it will be in the form of the ZIP file, Open it and install it.

Upload the new version of Opencart to server

Once you have downloaded the new version, it’s time to download the web files through your hosting control panel.

Remember, this step might take some more time to upload.

Install OpenCart from web browser

Whenever you newly install the new version of Opencart, it will have an install subfolder in the Opencart root directory.

You need to pen the web browser and enter your Opencart domain name followed by backslash install and enter it, for example, Opencart domain name /install followed by entering key.  Your computer will initiate the installation of Opencart new version.


Since this is the new version installation it may take some time for the installation but once it’s done, you are good to go.

We hope this blog would have clarified the idea on how to upgrade Opencart version 1.5 to 2.0, similar steps are followed in another version of Opencart upgrade service.

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  • On April 25, 2017


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