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In today’s world, due to more and more innovations in technology, the work of human being is becoming more easy and simple. Now, e-commerce is considered as one of the best innovation in technology which makes work easier for man. Generally, e-commerce is defined as facilitation of trading in goods and services through the internet. There are many types of transactions in e-commerce businesses such as business-via-business, business-via-purchaser, purchaser-via-business or purchaser-via-purchaser. Hence, by the help of e-commerce a common man can stay at home and order whatever goods and services required by him through internet shopping without much fuss.

Now, in this e-commerce businesses there are many small scale and large scale businesses but among the ranks, Opencart is considered as one of the best Open source e-commerce platform as it offers specialized options for people who want to create a new e-commerce site. Generally, an Open source e-commerce provides required needs for a customer to design his dream e-commerce site and there are many Open source e-commerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento Community Edition, Zen Cart, Spree commerce, Drupal commerce, Os commerce and many other Open source e-commerce solutions. Among all these platforms Opencart is considered as best because of following reasons

Free to download

Opencart is free to download and there are no extra fees to download. the process is simple first install then choose your desired opencart template followed by adding products and that’s it now you are ready to take orders.

Unique themes

Opencart provides ample different themes to make your store as per your own criteria and choice and along with that it also provides modern default theme.

Convenient and easy accessing

Opencart consists of mobile friendly admin area along with detailed product and it also shows the order of customers, sales reports, marketing tools. And moreover, by this, we can access our e-commerce site irrespective of geographical location.

Concise dashboard

Opencart consists of the dashboard which provides the vital information on tracking of sales along with options like whether the product is delivered or not and many options which in returns saves time and in some cases aborts confusion in transactions.

No restrictions on languages and currencies

Normally by default Opencart composed of English language and currencies of great Britain Pound, American Dollar and Euro. But, as per your own requirement can add different languages as Opencart will translate it. Now, coming to currency Opencart contains currency conversion feature along with regularly updating the values of currency as per market changes.

Accessing of multiple stores

Opencart provides a feature of creating multiple stores and these stores can be accessed by only one admin interface. By this user gets an advantage of allocating different theme, language, and currency to a different store as per your own choices which in return reduces the complexity of data.

Taxes irrespective of geographical locations

Opencart provides a feature to set multiple tax zones in such a way that the amount of tax changes with respect to country currency where goods are paid or shipped.

Different types in payments

Opencart provides various payment gateways such as Bank transfer, Cash on delivery, Card connect, Cheque / Money Order, Telecash , Web Payment Software , LIQPAY, Paymate , Payza , Pilibaba , Perpetual payment , Divido , Free Checkout etc., along with these common payments methods it also provides many other methods.

Variety types in shipping methods

Opencart provides various shipping methods for transporting of goods like Citylink , Flat rate , Free shipping , Per item , Parcelforce 48 , Pickup From Store, Royal Mail , UPS , United States Postal  Service , Weight Based Shipping. Moreover, if required any additional shipping methods it also tries to provide it.

Many modules

Opencart is composed of various modules which are easy to configure as per user requirements some of the modules are Bestsellers, Cart, Category, Featured, Latest, Specials, Manufacturers, Information, Google Analytics and Google Talk. Moreover, it also provides Administration user interface where you can access your site from back end.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Generally, for boosting of sales SEO plays a pivotal role as Opencart is SEO optimized during searching most of the customers may visit the site as it appears first.

Detailed Sales Reports

Opencart provides detailed review of reports like it contains three types of reports namely sales report, products viewed, products purchased.

Now, coming to sales report it calculates the total amount of sales on the basis of day, week or month, products viewed type provides data regarding which product is mostly viewed by visitors and products purchased shows which product has been mostly purchased by this you can estimate the importance of each product and plan better.

Business to Business marketing

Opencart provides feature which helps in organizing your store as business to business application. This feature is divided into three types namely Customer Groups, Logged In Display Prices and Quantity Discount.

Now, coming to customer groups in this a cluster of customers is divided into categories like default, retail and wholesale then it sets different price to each category. Whereas, Logged In Display Prices shows the price of a product to customer who is logged in your site others cannot see it and Quantity Discount provides you to set discount for a product on the means of quantity ordered by a certain product.

Easy access for Guest

Opencart consists of guest checkout feature. This feature provides an opportunity for visitor to purchase a product without signing or creating an account. Just by filling few details he/she can order that product.

Hence, comparing all the features and noting down all the necessary factors, by the vast variety of positives in it Opencart is best Open source e-commerce platform.

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  • On October 15, 2016


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