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Best Extension for Opencart

The growth of business and increased web traffic are the two important factors that determine ho your company will progress in the time to come. The e-commerce website is the best way to reach out to maximum people and ensure that you are able to grab maximum market share. When we are talking about e-commerce website then how can we miss Opencart, this is one of the most renowned and preferred platforms for developing an e-commerce website.

If you are already running a website based on Opencart then you must be aware that it has the possibility of installing a number of Opencart extensions that can enhance the performance of your website.Here we have enlisted some of the most popular Opencart extensions which help you to enhance the end-user experience:

  1. Facebook Extensions-

Facebook Comments: This helps the user to comment on your website.

Facebook Shop: This extension helps you import Opencart web store to Facebook in just 3 clicks, this helps in increasing your fan and boost sales.

Facebook Login: This module helps the customer register with their Facebook account.

  1. Live Chat Extensions / Modules– You can easily find this as a part of many e-commerce websites.Some of the common Live chat extensions include:

Click Desk– This offers live chat, voice chat, social toolbar and help desk.

Zopim- This allows out chat with the customers who are online.

  1. Search Extensions –

Sidebar search – It allows the visitors to search from the right and left column.

Search Autocomplete – Yet another search extension which is helpful in converting visitors to customers.

  1. Image Extensions –

This extension helpful in enhancing the image view on Opencart and the popular types include:

  • Image Manager
  • Magic Zoom
  1. Administrator Extensions

System Information – This extension provides information about the server, system summary a folder permission which is recommended by Opencart.

Product Filter Plus: This extension is particularly helpful for the web store which has many products on display.

  1. Opencart Fast Checkout– This extension is very useful as it allows the customers to check out easily and fast. It is easy to integrate and reduces the number of steps which is required to buy a product.
  2. OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator- This extension has come as a saviour as it curtails the duplication of default link which otherwise can cause penalty. It standardizes one link for each age and 301 redirections all the ghost version to the one particular link.

These are just a few, there are many such useful extensions which can be added to Opencart. Furthermore, companieslike India Opencart Developers have a team of Custom Opencart extension developers who carry on the process of custom Opencart Extension development. You can add these extensions to your Opencart web store and customise is as per the requirement of your business.

Opencart is definitely one of the best platforms which come with an array of choices as far as the installation of extension is concerned and diversifying the look of the website using the various customized Opencart extensions.

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  • On March 2, 2017


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